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Central Railway Minister: Plans to issue 225000 train tickets per minute!!

Posted on: 04/Feb/2023 1:52:52 PM
The Central Minister for Railways, Aswini Vaishnav, informed that plans are afoot to facilitate the issue of 225000 train tickets per minute as compared to the presently issued rate of 25000 train tickets per minute!

The Central Railway Minister Ashwini Vashnav had a session with the Railway Zonal Managers and the press reporters regarding the allotment for Railways presented in the recent budget presentation for the financial year 2023-24. He shared:

"Rs. 2.4 Lakhs Crores have been allotted for the Railways Department in the Central Budget. The manufacture of Vande Bharath trains is progressing smoothly and successfully!  There has been a huge appreciation from the citizens as feedback for the 9 Vande Bharath Trains deducted for service!

We have planned the manufacture of Vande Bharath in the next phase. In this phase, we have planned Vande Bharath Express trains to link 2 cities 100 km apart. 85% of Tracks throughout the country are being electrified!

Further, priority is also given to green fuel! Under the scheme `Self-dependent India`, train engines operating on Hydrogen are being manufactured!  This project will be completed by December 2023.

In this budget, a total of Rs. 11313 Crores has been allotted for Southern Railways. Out of this, Rs. 6000 Crores have been allotted for Tamil Nadu State.

Plans are afoot to set up multi-product supermarkets selling various items including the essential commodities for daily consumption in 1000 Railway Stations!

Cooperation is required for the State Governments to execute the various Railway Projects including Tamil Nadu and Kerala.

To facilitate operations at higher speeds, various associated activities including track-strengthening, modernization of signal technology, etc., are being undertaken!

During this financial year, old coaches of 250 trains will be removed and replaced with new coaches! In the next financial year, the old coaches of 320 trains will be removed and replaced with new coaches!

In the subsequent 3-4 years, old coaches for all the remaining trains will be removed and replaced with new coaches!

The existing technology will be upgraded to facilitate sales of 225000 train tickets per minute in place of the existing issue of 25000 train tickets being sold per minute!"

During this interactive session by the Central Railway Minister, Southern Railway General Manager R N Singh, Chief Executive Officer Neenu Ittera, the Secretary to the Southern Railway General Manager Senthamizhselvan, And Chennai Railway Divisional Manager Ganesh participated.

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