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PAN Card becomes a general Trading Identity Card!

Posted on: 02/Feb/2023 11:56:23 AM
The Central Finance Minister, Nirmala Seetharaman, has informed that the PAN (Permanent Account Number Card from the Income Tax Department) card will henceforth serve as the Identity Card for Digital Transactions carried out in Government Services.

The Department of Income Tax issues the PAN (Permanent Account Number) card for individual citizens and organizations in the country!  PAN Card Number is a 10-Digit comprising of numbers and alphabets!

In this scenario, the central Finance Minister Nirmala Seetharaman informed yesterday (Wednesday, 1st February):

"PAN card will henceforth be used for the Digital Transactions of the Government Departments/Services. This will serve as a simpler and more legal transaction.

A new format will be set up for this integrated data collection and administration.

Through this format, the data as required and approved by the PAN holder will be shared with other Government Organizations. Similarly, the Aadhar Card and the DG Locker will be used as a Public identity!"

DigiLocker: This is a scheme undertaken by the Central Government under the `Digital India Scheme`. DigiLocker serves to get the certificates/documents required as proofs by the citizens from various Departments to submit for various services by them!

This technology scheme was brought to reduce the direct use of various devices!