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Refund of Airfare in case the booked flight class is changed!

Posted on: 26/Jan/2023 3:21:56 PM
In case of a change class of International flight tickets from First Class, the system of offering a refund of a part of the excess fare is coming into effect from 10th February!

Complaints were received from the flight passengers that after booking for First Class ticket, the passengers are offered by the concerned Airlines to the next 2 classes of Business Class or Economy Class instead!

A last-minute change in flight, booking of excess flight tickets, and shortage of service facilities are cited as the reasons by the Airlines for the above complaints!

Meanwhile, the Central Government has introduced a new regulation that in case the international flight passengers` tickets are changed from First Class, the Airlines MUST refund 30%-74% of charges including taxes of the fare paid!

Meanwhile, the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) has announced that this new regulation will become effective from 15th February.

As per this, a 30% refund will be offered for flights of 1500 km or less and a 50% refund will be offered for flights of 1500-3500 km. For flights exceeding 3500 km, a refund of 75% will be offered.

DGCA had earlier informed that a 100% refund MUST be offered in the event of a change of class given and the passengers shifted to lower class MUST BE ALLOWED FREE TRAVEL!

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