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Chennai residents unhappy now due to the latest move from CMWSSB

Posted on: 26/Jan/2023 9:48:09 AM
From 1st of April 2023, the water and sewer charges would be increased and this was announced by CMWSSB or Chennai Metropolitan Water Supply and Sewerage Board. Now, this has not gone down well with the residents belonging to Chennai.

The residents were of the opinion that though it would be minimal increase only but it would increase their burden  as many government agencies have also increased their taxes and charges recently. From the next fiscal year, CMWSSB has planned to revise the water and sewage tariffs by 5% for the residential buildings and 10% for the commercial buildings. It was in May month in 2018, the tariff ws previously revised by 5% annually but it did not come into effect due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

Mounting operational costs plus revenue loss was cited as reasons for CMWSSB revising the charges now. The residents want CMWSSB to concentrate on providing equitable water supply to all places and address the sewage related problems effectively. The bitter fact is that the piped water supply has not been available in some places in Chennai and this despite copious resources and taxes paid regularly.

Instead of periodic increase, charging as per the consumption would be superb and for this installation of digital meters at the core Chennai localities would be important. This was mentioned by Mr. V. Jayaraman belonging to T. Nagar. It was brought out by some north Chennai residents that flat rates both for large residential buildings in core places and middle and lower income groups were not fair.

The TN govt must subsidise or provide water free of cost for atleast low income group people in Chennai. This was highlighted by Mr. Earnest Paul, president, North Chennai Residents Welfare Association. He added that a marginal increase would increase more burden on the consumers in north Chennai.