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RMC - Sudden formation of a new low pressure now & fishermen issued warning!!

Posted on: 25/Jan/2023 6:52:51 PM
It has been informed by the Regional Meteorological Centre or RMC in Chennai that on 27th January 2023 a low pressure is likely to be formed over the south east Bay of Bengal.

Now, the RMC has issued a release and according to the release, in the eastern parts of Indian Ocean and atmospheric low circulation has been prevailing along the equator and the adjacent south east Bay of Bengal. As a result of this, a low pressure is likely to form over the Bay of Bengal and in the adjoining areas by 27th January. In the next 3 days, the low pressure might move in the west north west direction.

There might be light to moderate rains in one or two places today on the 25th of January in the Western Ghats and in the adjoining districts etc . On 26th and on 27th, TN, Puducherry and Karaikal regions might experience light to moderate rains. For the next 48 hours, Chennai and its suburbs would remain partly cloudy and the maximum temperature is likely to be around 30 to 31degrees Celsius and minimum temperatures likely around 21 degrees Celsius.

Fishermen given warning by the RMC :

Over the equatorial Indian Ocean and on the adjoining south east Bay of Bengal on 27th of January, there would be cyc;lonic gusty winds of speeds 40kmph to 45 kmph and occasional gusty winds of speed 55kmph. On 28th January, cyclonic winds of speeds 40kmph to 45kmph with occasional gusty winds of speeds 55kmph would prevail over the central parts of south Bay of Bengal.

On 29th of January, there would be gusty winds reaching speeds of 40kmph to 45kmph over south west Bay of Bengal adjacent to Sri Lanka. The fishermen have been asked not to venture into the sea on these 3 mentioned days.