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Shocking !! Despite the ban, TNSTC buses are still stopping at this particular point on the Chennai - Villupuram highway!

Posted on: 25/Jan/2023 6:51:17 PM
Recently, a motel present on the Chennai-Villupuram Highway was pulled up for providing food of poor or below par standards. The government buses were banned from stopping at this motel is known. It is shocking to mention that despite the ban TNSTC buses have been ignoring the ban and stopping at the motel .

It was announced by the transport minister Mr. SS. Sivashankar that license issued to Vels Hotel in Vikravandi has been terminated for selling below par foods and few packed items at high costs.

The anti-corruption NGO from Chennai, Arapoor iyakkam cross checked the status of the ban. It must be noted that the government buses continued to stop at this motel despite the ban. The photos of the bus ticket for the bus operated between Villupuram and Kancheepuram and the computerised bill from the motel were posted on the twitter handle by the NGO.

The authorities belonging to Villupuram TNSTC mentioned that the driver and conductor have been suspended.  According to Mr. Radhakrishnan from Arappor Iyakkam, it was clear that the authorities put the blame on the drivers and conductors for stopping at the motel. Truth is that the drivers and conductors do not operate separately without the instructions issued from the branch manager or depot manager concerned.