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As the current winter days are chiller and foggier in Chennai, children affected by infection in the breathing system!

Posted on: 25/Jan/2023 1:29:31 PM
Usually, children and senior citizens in large numbers are affected severely by colds and coughs during the winter season!

With the conclusion of the Northeast monsoon season and the onset of the winter season, it has been chiller and foggier to a great extent in the Chennai Metro City! With this weather, especially children get infected in the breathing system!

Doctors inform that this year, the infection of the breathing system among children is more prevalent than usual extent in the Chennai Metro City! School-going children are affected to a greater extent and visit the hospitals for treatment!

This infection seems to spread faster and easier from the children having the infection to the other children even as the cough or sneeze!!

The staff from Egmore Government Children Hospital, Nungambakkam Kanchi Kamakoti Children`s Hospital, Apollo Hospital and other Private clinics report that more children keep coming affected with infection in the breathing system!