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Cyclone Mandous set to threaten Tamil Nadu!

Posted on: 05/Dec/2022 5:39:59 PM
The new cyclonic format prevailing over the Bay of Bengal has been named `Mandous `!

The low-pressure zone formed over the Bay of Bengal is set to drift from the west towards the northwest and intensify into a strong depression zone!

Indian Meteorological Centre (IMD) has informed us that this is likely to intensify into a cyclonic format before 8th December.

A low-pressure zone was formed today (Monday, 5th December) morning at 5.30 AM. This would drift towards the west before tomorrow and intensify into a depression zone!

Subsequently, by 8th December, it will move further west and may transform into a cyclonic format! This cyclone has been named `Mandes;!

With the names - Nisarka, Kadi, Nivar, Purivisa Tagde, Yaas, Shaheen, Jawad, and Asaani having already been used in 2020, presently, from the first set of names given/recommended by the United Arab Emirates and Yemen, Mandes and Morza` were only available in the list!

As the names of cyclones are not to be repeated, the World Climate Centre, after checking thoroughly, chose the name, `Mandous ` and announced the same!!

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