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The prevailing Low-Pressure Zone over the Bay of Bengal intensifies into a cyclone format!!

Posted on: 05/Dec/2022 12:38:38 PM
Indian Meteorological Centre (IMD) has informed us that the prevailing low-pressure format over the Bay of Bengal has intensified and transformed into a cyclonic format! Due to this, there are prospects for rain in the coastal areas of Chennai, Puducherry, and Andhra!

Indian Meteorological Centre has further informed that the low-pressure format prevailing over South Andaman and the adjacent coastal area will intensify into a strong depression zone and further intensify into a cyclonic format!

In a notification released by the Indian Meteorological Centre in this regard, it is mentioned:

"A low-pressure zone has formed over South Andaman and the adjacent areas. This is likely to drift towards the northwest direction and is likely to transform into a strong depression zone!

This depression zone is likely to intensify further into a strong depression zone and drift towards the northwest to transform into a cyclonic format!"

It is further informed that this cyclonic format will drift towards Tamil Nadu, Puducherry and the South Andhra Coastal areas.

Indian Meteorological Department has added that due to this above development, there are strong prospects for rains in most Tamil Nadu Districts and Pudhuchery!