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Be careful about these important signs that show that our heart health is going down!!

Posted on: 01/Dec/2022 5:46:17 PM
It is a known fact that the heart is a very important organ in us. While a healthy heart would function well by pumping enough blood to perform the body`s functions a weak heart would not be able to pump enough blood to perform the body`s functions.

There are several health conditions that would cause the heart to lose its ability to function well like coronary heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes etc. It is necessary that we must maintain the heart`s health. It is very important to treat those below said signs or else the person might even end up in the hospital

Various signs that would reveal that the heart health is deteriorating are

Breathing problems:
This is one important sign that shows that the function of the heart is deteriorating. In the night time, people will have breathing problems. They might feel exhausted while walking.

If the heart is weak then it won`t be able to pump enough blood required by the body. This could lead to giddiness.

Those with deteriorating heart health would have abnormal or irregular heart beats. This is known as palpitations. It is also known as arrhythmia.

Swelling of foot, ankle etc:
Congestive heart failure could lead to excess accumulation of fluids in the tissues and could cause pedal edema. Here, swelling would be there in feet, ankle, legs etc belonging to the person.

Reduced urine output:
It must be noted that a weak heart could lead to a decrease in the kidney perfusion that would further result in the reduction in the urine output.