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Latest warning issued by TANGEDCO regarding Aadhaar number and electricity linking?

Posted on: 29/Nov/2022 5:38:54 PM
The linking of Aadhaar number and electricity connection has been taking place now at the special camps in Chennai.

Severe action would be taken against those staffs of Tangedco if they collect any money from the consumers for linking Aadhaar number and electricity connection. This was mentioned by Tangedco or Tamil Nadu Generation and Distribution Corporation.

It was mentioned by Tangedco Director, Distribution, that it was the responsibility of the concerned section officers to personally see that no money would be collected from any of the consumers from the staff for the above said linking work. Point is that if complaints are received in this regard then it would be considered very seriously and stringent action would be taken. He spoke about how adequate seating arrangements must be provided for those who are coming up for Aadhaar updation work. Senior citizens and differently able persons would be given special priority.

The concerned executive engineer or distribution must inspect the section offices daily and they must monitor the Aadhaar linking work progress in each counter. In case of any issue, then the issue must be made known to the IT wing and the issue must be solved immediately. The respective superintending engineer of the distribution circle must monitor the daily progress and report it to the headquarters. Aadhaar linking must not get affected and if the existing PC was not adequate or too slow etc then an additional PC must be provided.

It is learnt that the Aadhaar linking counter must function continuously without any break and accordingly the staff would be arranged by the section officers. Flex banners must be kept in all the section offices displaying important details of Aadhaar linking etc.

As already instructed, the consumers would be able to pay their bills through any of the approved mode of payment till 31st of December