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Greater Chennai Corporation devises Mega Plan for First Phase Plan of Electric Vehicle: Features!

Posted on: 26/Nov/2022 11:27:31 AM
Greater Chennai Corporation (GCC) has decided to create a master plan and execute the same for the number of electric vehicles in Chennai Metro City and the number of power charging stations!

This Master Plan would be prepared as a part of the `Chennai city partnership plan`!

Greater Chennai Corporation is set to organize a review meeting in this regard very soon!

It may be noted that the State Government of Tamil Nadu has already released its policy regarding electric vehicles!  The State Government of Tamil Nadu is all set to release the revised policy soon!

The Master Plan for the electric vehicles and the charging station will be prepared as per this policy of the State Government of Tamil Nadu.

Here are the special features of the plan:

Electric Vehicle

  • Converting all the public transport vehicles shared by the passengers including autos into electric vehicles.
  • Converting all government buses in Chennai Metro City into electric vehicles!
  • Converting all Light Commercial Vehicles in Chennai Metro City into Electric Vehicles. 
  • Offering various attractive concessional offers for the purchase of electric 2-wheelers.
  • The installation of the number of charging stations of capacity 3*3 Grid with 1 charging station every 25 km on the roadsides.
  • Charging Stations in Government Offices
  • Revising the Construction Act to be with provision for Charging Centers in new large buildings!
  • Encouraging multi-storeyed building complexes with more than 50 families to set up charging stations!
  • Setting up charging stations in cinema theatres, commercial complexes and restaurants.

 Greater Chennai Corporation plans to conduct a detailed review of the above plan to design the Master Plan for this project!

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