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From next year, Keezhadi excavations will reach many students at the colleges in TN!!

Posted on: 25/Nov/2022 9:28:18 AM
Evidence regarding thriving ancient civilization about 2000 years ago came to light by Keezhadi excavations. From next year onwards, those students opting for a BA History subject would study this.

It must be noted that this would be a part of syllabus revision work for 90 degrees programmes offered by various state universities.

Vice-chairperson of TN State Council for Higher Education Mr. A. Ramaswamy mentioned that the students would study Keezhadi findings as a part of Sangam period in TN History. He added that till now Keezhadi findings have not been a part of History lessons in the state.

It is worthy to mention here that the excavations began in 2013 at Sivagangai  district in TN. The excavations have brought to light many brick structures, terracotta ring wells, golden ornaments, broken parts of copper objects plus beads, ivory bangles, terracotta chess pieces, spindle whorls, figurines etc. In 2017, it was identified by Carbon dating of charcoal present at the Keezhadi site that the settlement there belonged to 200 BC.

From next year onwards, all UG as wella sPG students in the state would study 2 additional elective courses like skills enhancement and ability enhancement courses. These 2 courses have been designed to help the students to find more jobs. It is learnt that TANSCHE or TN State Council for Higher Education has prepared a model syllabus for more than 90 degree courses offered by arts and sciences colleges and various state universities.

Mr. A. Ramaswamy then spoke about how all the state universities would have 75% common syllabus for all the courses. Twenty five percent syllabus would be designed based on the local needs. The revised syllabus would be implemented from 2023 onwards and it would be adopted by the Board of Studies or BOS of each university. Teachers would be trained well to impart these courses to the students.