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Origin Tours is celebrating its 14th anniversary

Posted on: 02/Nov/2022 4:15:34 PM
One of my biggest dreams got realised 14 yrs ago. The journey so far has been very challenging. Today, I stand with my head high up and take immense pride in being an entrepreneur. That is all because of Origin Tours.It taught me to be a fighter and to take every challenge as an opportunity. 

Mata, Pita, Guru, Daivam, it`s their blessings that have kept me going on.I thank my parents and my brother, who believed in every step I took. Their confidence is the reason for my endurance.How can I forget my friends and all my well-wishers who stood by my side to make Origin Tours a great success. Love you guys.....

I thank the entire hospitality fraternity who extended a warm welcome when I started the venture and continued the same love and support till now. Finally and above all, my clientele who made me what I am. 

May God bless you all and heres wishing my baby a "Happy 14th Birthday" and many more to come.

I humbly seek your love and warmth for the remaining part of the journey too.

Requesting your valuable blessings..

Thank you all,

Reshma Necholi Methal (Director) 
Origin Tours, Chennai.

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