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By this easy method, traffic violators in Chennai will be able to pay their penalty amount!!

Posted on: 04/Aug/2022 6:22:04 PM
Paying the penalty amount for traffic violations is now made easy by the Chennai traffic police!!

According to the requests made by many defaulters regarding a better payment system for traffic violation penalty, the Chennai police have added another way to pay the penalty amount. That is using PayTM QR code.

It must not be forgotten that from 2018 onwards Chennai traffic police has moved to cashless e-challan penalty amount payment method. It was found out just this year 2022 that many defaulters have still not paid their penalty amount. Compliance improved from 27% to 47% as call centres were used by the traffic police to remind the defaulters about their penalty dues.

It is true that the call centres have contacted the defaulters regarding the payment of penalty due amount and people were also interested to pay their dues. But what was creating issues were the difficulties in paying the amount. The defaulters wanted improved methods of penalty amount payment.

At various checking spots across Chennai, PayTM QR Code was introduced by the Greater Chennai police. For 200 traffic officers, training has been given to help the defaulters to pay their penalty amount through handheld QR code cards.

Procedure used:

  • All enforcement officers would be provided with 300 small hand held QR code cards.
  • QR from the cards would be scanned by the traffic violators and this would lead the violators into Paytm appe-challan page.
  • Then challan ID is entered, vehicle number and all pay modes can be used to complete the payment
  • To contact the defaulters and inform them about the pending challans, 18 QR code standees have been provided at 12 call centres. It must be noted that the traffic violators could visit the call centres and scan the QR from the standees under the guidance of staff. 

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