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Important details regarding Tongue tie release and breast feeding

Posted on: 04/Aug/2022 4:03:46 PM
Breast feeding:

For the proper development of jaws and Airway, breastfeeding is very important. Not many of us know the fact that breastfeeding is early functional jaw orthopaedics. Mothers must breastfeed their babies for a period of 12 months compulsorily. Breastfeeding for more than 12 months is also good and it would not cause any harm. It is advised to keep a check on avoiding night feeds. Maintaining a tooth friendly diet and brushing twice daily would be important. There are numerous advantages a baby would get by breast feeding and these are protection against diseases, ear infections, healthier weights, no constipation etc.

Role of tongue

  • Tongue plays a vital role in breast feeding.
  • Tongue tie or low tongue posture causes issues in breast feeding. Feeding and speech is few of the issue associated with tongue tie.

There are various other things tongue helps

  • Feeding and speech development 
  • Airway development
  • Jaw growth
  • Relaxing the sympathetic parasympathetic system
  • Jaw growth and development
  • Good quality sleep and many more

Breast feeding is not the same has breast milk bottle feeding. The act of breast feeding that is jaw movement that takes place during feeding is the first excercise for jaw development and helps the baby to go into deep sleep.

Doing by bit to create awareness about the issue with breastfeeding and tongue tie. Breast feeding is not only for nutrition but also helps in holistic growth and development of the children

Tongue tie release in babies and in elder kids / adults:

Release of tongue tie would be of huge benefit irrespective of any age and these are not just meant for babies. When the little string that is below the tongue is too short or tight, then we could get tongue tie condition.  The tongue tie would not allow the tongue to move freely. As a result, many functions of the tongue would get affected. There would be changes in the way we speak or way we breathe or swallow or even sleep etc due to tongue tie issues.

Signs of tongue tie would be seen in infants and these are breathing issues, mouth breathing and reflux etc.  The treatment plan for tongue tie in babies would involve laser tongue tie release followed by post operative wound care and stretches. Support from a lactation consultant would be sought after. Chiro, osteo, pediatric OT type of body work would be done. It is worthy to note that breastfeeding would help to work the muscles and finally would help in restoring the normal tongue functions in the baby. Truth is that babies would not be able to do Myofunctional therapy.

In the case of older kids and adults, the tongue tie release process would be different. Truth is that those older kids and adults with tongue tie would have never experienced their tongue with a full range of motions. The restricted mobility of their tongue would have been compensated by their habits as well as by the dysfunctional muscle patterns etc. Once tongue tie is released, then the tongue needs rehabilitation for normal and optimum functioning. In older kids and adults before and after tongue tie release Myofunctional therapy is very important or else release of tongue on its own would not be successful.

It is believed that tongue tie release is life changing for many persons. A well trained professional would help the tongue tie patients to become normal. Finding the right Myofunctional therapist is very important. It is true that Myofunctional therapist would help us to link with the correct tongue tie release provider and provide the much needed support.

`At the bunny teeth we emphasis on myofunctinal therapy and later tongue tie correction is gone with laser`

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