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Good Bye to traffic congestion in Chennai- Great work by Greater Chennai Police with new technology


Posted on : 28/May/2022 9:26:18 AM

With amazing advancements made in the field of communication technology, a few years back it was expected that traffic might also be controlled by remote control.

In Chennai, 302 traffic signals would be upgraded and Rs 15 crores would be spent by the Greater Chennai Traffic Police or GCTP. Just 2 months back, controlling traffic with remote control technology was introduced in Gandhi Irwin Road, EVK. Sampath Road, Ritherdon Road, Dr. Nair Road Junction and Dasaprakash Road etc are known to us. The project was launched on a pilot basis only on these roads.

It was explained by a traffic police personnel that using remote control technology to control the traffic was sensational and their jobs were made easy. He threw light on hos instead of staying at one particular place to change the signal switch manually the traffic policemen would be able to move about freely now and could use the remote to change the signal. 

The remote control would be effective for a distance between 50m to 100 m. Standing in the middle of an intersection and assessing the number of vehicles in a particular lane has been possible now. It is noteworthy that changing traffic signals on priority basis would be possible instead of the current cyclical system.

Now, with the use of remote control technology, there is freedom of movement available and this was according to a senior traffic police personnel. Complete control over a particular junction and keeping an eye on the violators are much easier now. The traffic signals could be regulated according to the need and in this method the signals are not cyclic. 

Green signals could be issued when there was traffic congestion at a particular junction. With the help of remote control technology, a traffic police personnel would be able to go to another place where an accident has happened without worrying much about the traffic signal.
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