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Looming threat of another COVID infection wave - Be careful transport passengers!!


Posted on : 04/Dec/2021 9:13:08 AM

The second Coronavirus infection wave created many issues for the people in India. The cases have been brought under control and normal life has started now.

Recently, the Omicron variant of Coronavirus has been identified in India. Truth is that the fear of another Coronavirus infection wave looms large now. In this scenario, many passengers in the public transport do not wear facemasks to protect them from the infection. The health ministry has asked the public to wear facemasks and maintain social distancing compulsorily besides taking 2 doses of vaccination.

From 21st June 2021 onwards, MTC buses in Chennai began their services after the second wave was brought under control. With the schools/colleges and offices etc began functioning, the patronage in the MTC buses increased. It was mentioned by a regular MTC bus goer belonging to Villivakkam that the crowds have increased more in the buses now as the schools and colleges have resumed. He added that many do not wear facemasks or not wear properly inside the buses and conductors also do not insist on wearing facemasks.

Koyambedu based MTC bus conductor spoke about how he would insist the passengers to wear facemasks compulsorily inside the bus. Truth is that many do not like to wear facemasks inside the bus and they would start arguing with the conductors. He concluded that in the peak hours the buses would be crowded and he would be busy issuing bus tickets to the passengers.

According to a regular commuter of Tambaram-Beach EMU service it was clear that inspite of public announcement systems and ticket checking officials insisting the passengers to wear facemasks most of the passengers do not bother.

Soon, there would be an increase in the monitoring and fines would be imposed on those who do not wear facemasks. This was pointed out by an official belonging to Chennai Corporation.
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