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Latest news about testing for COVID and booster dose etc!!


Posted on : 03/Dec/2021 9:44:42 AM

The Omicron variant of Coronavirus has been grabbing the attention of many now across the world due to its rapid spreading potential. In India, 2 Omicron cases have been found out now.

The public health experts now want to intensify the testing plus they are also stressing the need for the booster dose. According to the senior virologist, Dr. Jacob John, it was clear that Omicron carries every spike protein mutation present in other forms like Alpha, Beta, Gamma and Delta etc. He spoke about how the immunity induced by vaccination could be less effective as against Delta virus.

As a result, there would be a decline in immunity. This could be set right by increasing the immunogenicity of the vaccine to increase the level of response against the virus. Truth is that to improve the antibodies in us it is necessary to get booster vaccination just similar to other countries.  He compared the effectiveness of Covaxin that has a broader immune response with Covishield that would have better spike protein.

It was later mentioned by Dr. Sindhuri Koganti pulmonologist at Fortis Hospital that more information regarding the nature of this Omicron variant virus and how it would affect the people has been coming out now and therefore the same diagnostic procedure must be continued. Based on the information received from other nations, it is necessary to intensify RT-PCR tests. It must be noted that the Omicron virus is highly transmissible but not dangerous.

There might not be major changes in the protocol needed as of now and just testing must be intensified. This was according to some health experts. Point is that genomic testing must be carried out for those persons who test Covid-19 positive. Dr. K. Kolandaisamy, public health was of the view that more information was needed to test their immunogenicity against the variant and this was regarding the vaccination.
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