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Never before witnessed traffic jams - Chennai commuters face huge difficulties!!


Posted on : 27/Nov/2021 9:59:44 AM

Many arterial roads in Chennai witnessed very heavy traffic congestions as commuters took diversions to avoid potholes and water logging on the roads etc. All this was due to heavy rains that lashed Chennai yesterday. It must be taken into note that MTC buses plying through Mandaveli and Luz Corner to reach Broadway, Central station in the northern side and Thiruvanmiyur in the southern side skipped Luz bus stop.

In last weeks heavy rains, the St Marys Road in R.A. Puram was damaged badly and when the rains came back PWD had to work on the pipelines. It was later pointed out by a bus driver OF 21G bus route that since morning St Marys Road was blocked and buses took Warren Road and Dr Ranga Salai to reach Mylapore. He added that those commuters who wanted to get down at Luz were dropped at Sivanandha Salai. The MTC buses found it very difficult to pass through several narrow lanes and this resulted in heavy traffic blocks and delays etc. It is learnt that MTC buses with route numbers 1, 1A, 21, 41D etc took several diversions and entered small lanes.

The heavy rains have led to water stagnation in several places in Chennai once again. Personnel belonging to TN Fire and Rescue Services or TNFRS were busy pumping out water from the streets

According to a senior officer belonging to TMFRS it was clear that lanes and roads with stagnant water were identified after very severe rains in the last week. He spoke about how in order to avoid delay in pumping out water motors were kept at the same places as IMD warned about the forthcoming rains. Along the TTK Road till Eldams Road signal, huge diesel engines with pipes and tubes over 500m could be seen. From many low lying lanes, water was pumped out.
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