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GCC Order!! Illegal sewage connections in Chennai would be severely dealt with huge fines up to Rs 2 lakhs!!


Posted on : 28/Oct/2021 9:42:57 AM

If you let sewage into the storm water drains or SWD in Chennai, then you could be in for trouble!!

The NE monsoons have begun now in TN and GCC has given instructions to all the 15 zones to take strict action against those who let sewage into the storm water drains.

On 25th October, Chennai Corporation commissioner, Mr. Gagandeep Singh Bedi issued a circular and as per the circular it was clear that the zonal officers have been instructed to plug illegal sewage connections to SWD. They have been asked to issue notices and impose fines on the offenders.

On 9th September, Mr. Gagandeep Singh Bedi inspected SWD work at north Chennai zones like Royapuram and Tondiarpet zones. It was mentioned in the circular that during the inspection many illegal sewage outlets from adjacent premises were identified.

Penalty must be imposed on persons letting sewage into the storm water drains and this was as per an amendment in Chennai City Municipal Corporation Act 1919. In the year 2017, the amendment was made. Important piece of information is that the amendment empowers the zonal officers to impose a penalty from Rs 5000 to Rs 2 lakhs depending on the type of buildings.

Large scale plugging of sewer lines from SWD leading to overflow and flooding during the rains hasnt been carried out by the civic body is known. It was later mentioned by an official that steps were taken to identify illegal sewer connections a few years back. Illegal sewer connections were removed in some locations and rainwater from SWD were let into lakes. Ahead of monsoons, GCC has completed de-silting the storm water drains. It must be taken into note that SWD for a length of 774 kms was taken up for de-silting purposes.  As of Tuesday, the works were going on 7kms of the total length.
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