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Singara Chennai 2.0 will be 100% transparent! All details online!

Posted on: 13/Jul/2021 1:24:52 PM
Greater Chennai Corporation (GCC) has decided to upload all details and data regarding the various projects/schemes undertaken for the Chennai Metro City development ONLINE!

The State Government/GCC has decided to upload 100% details/data of the various Highway Projects, flyover projects, and other large-scale projects to be uploaded ONLINE!

The State Government of Tamil Nadu has taken this decision to be 100% transparent to the public!

Accordingly, one can access all details of various projects of GCC undertaken zone-wise and ward-wise. These details are to be made transparent and available on the official website of GCC.

Even the project of road-work undertaken in Vadapalani near the Metro Station can also be accessed online!

The details regarding the length of the road/highway and all other details of the project cost will be uploaded!

As such, the public can easily be made aware of the projects taken up in their localities!

GCC officials informed that the status of the progress of the various GCC projects will be UPDATED regularly!

GCC OFFICIALS SHARED: We have undertaken this system with a view to 100% transparency to the public! This will certainly be hugely welcomed by the public!