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What is worrying Chennai residents more now?

Posted on: 12/Jul/2021 8:46:51 AM
It is not only the Coronavirus infection and its after effects that have been causing worries to the Chennai residents, but something else also!!

There are many vacant plots in the city of Chennai and these plots have been turning into mosquito breeding spots now. This could negate the efforts taken by GCC in spraying larvicide over the water ways. It is known that GCC has also been proactive in releasing the list of domestic breeding checking workers online. 

Now, the Chennai residents are very much concerned about these vacant plots (that could breed mosquitoes) and they want GCC to clear and clean these vacant plots.

According to a social activist Mr. Shankar, there are many vacant plots in Madipakkam that have been filled with vegetation. These plots here have been used as dumping places by the locals. It is worth mentioning that these vacant plots with stagnant rain water could lead to mosquito breeding.

The engineers and the health department officers refused to clean the plots as they belonged to the private persons. Mr. Shankar mentioned that the engineers and health department officers wanted the locals to find out the identity of the owners of the vacant plots here. The property taxes were collected for these vacant plots by the civic body and the details about the owners of these vacant plots would be available with GCC. Action must be taken by the corporation officials against the owners of vacant plots.

Information is that the Chennai Corporation could impose fines on those owners of vacant plots and buildings if they fail to prevent mosquito breeding on the premises. It must be noted that notices could be issued to the owners of the vacant plots ordering them to clean the plots. The GCC would clean the vacant plots and then collect money for the expenses if the owners fail to clean the plots.

It must not be forgotten that the civic body has started a trial to use drones to spray larvicides over waterways. The residents of Chennai have been asked by the civic body to keep their premises clean and a campaign has also been launched.

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