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Rains to be normal in the SW monsoon season in TN

Posted on: 24/May/2021 9:41:29 AM
The south west or SW monsoon is set to begin in TN a couple of days from now!!

In this scenario, many parts belonging to TN would get normal rains. Point to be noted is that just 5 districts in TN are expected to get heavy rains.

It has been brought to light that in the western region Krishnangiri district would get 420 mm rainfall as against the normal of 375mm rains. Tirupur is expected to get 180mm of rain against the normal of 151mm.

In the southern region, Thoothukudi district would get 80mm rains against the normal 67mm rains and Tirunelveli is expected to get 150mm rains against normal of 128mm rains. Thiruvarur district of delta region is expected to get 340mm of rain against normal of302mm.

 It is now revealed that the farmers belonging to delta regions could feel delighted as none of delta districts would be rain deficient. Dr. S.P. Ramanathan, head of Agro Climate Research Centre of TNAU explained about how the farmers from the delta districts could continue their regular cropping and cultivation pattern without any disturbance as they might get normal rains from SW monsoon.

Districts like Ariyalur, Coimbatore, Dharmapuri, Kancheepuram, Erode, Dindigul, Karur, Madurai, Kanniyakumari etc would receive normal rainfall.

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