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In these 3 important GCC zones, there is no spike in fresh COVID cases now


Posted on : 05/May/2021 9:29:56 AM

The corporation health experts have now confirmed that the number of fresh Covid-19 cases in the 3 zones like Adyar, Teynampet and Kodambakkam belonging to GCC have remained near constant for the past one week.

The reason for that was not yet clear but there has been no steep increase unlike the last month. This was as per a zonal officer. It must be taken into account that these 3 zones have been reporting 450 to 550 cases daily when compared to the 300 odd fresh cases at this time in 2020. Point is that the number has not increased in the past week.

It is known that GCC just updates active cases every day and does not publish zone wise numbers of fresh cases. In the month of April, Chennai added about 10000 active cases. It is said that since then the numbers have not increased steeply. Chennai had as many as 22420 active cases on 16th April and it increased to31142 on 26th April 2021. From then onwards, the cases have remained around that number. The active cases increased just slightly on 3rd May to 32785 cases.

According to an epidemiologist, graphs on fresh cases were maintained at the zonal levels and these then get shared with the senior officials. He explained that more swabs were being collected and more than 28000 samples were getting tested every day. In Chennai, TPR is around 20%to 21% now.

As the peak of the infection is not known still, there is now no clarity available regarding whether it would lead to decrease in the infection. The epidemiologist hinted that the restrictions would bring stability soon. The transmission rate of the infection would not increase because the safety measures have been ramped up. The Covid-19 patients have been asked to get video consultations to avoid going to hospitals and clinics etc.
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