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Now, Chennai is having just ONE containment zone, guess where?


Posted on : 03/Nov/2020 9:10:47 AM

The Covid-19 cases have been decreasing in the Chennai city and this has been shown by the lone containment zone in Chennai. This has made Chennai residents happy now. Ward-19 of zone 2 in Manali belonging to GCC is grabbing the attention of many now. Since 27th of October, the Manjambakkam area in the Manali zone has been a containment zone.

It must be noted that a containment street is fully barricaded at all entries and exits by police stopping all through movement. In the containment zones, the people residing would not be allowed to go outside and they would have to depend on the volunteers for getting essentials etc is known.

Truth is that e-passes would not be issued to those residing in the containment streets even in case of emergencies also. When the Coronavirus infection pandemic started in Chennai, the GCC has classified a street as a containment area even if the street had just a single Covid-19 positive case also. 

This resulted in few issues for others. Currently, the presence of 3 index cases or 5 regular cases among the residents in a street is the criteria on which a street in Chennai is demarcated as a containment area.

Every zonal officer and zonal health officer have got the rights to demarcate any street as a containment area and the freedom has been issued by the officials belonging to GCC.  According to a senior official belonging to GCC, zonal officers or zonal health officers could take a call to barricade the entry and exit of a street when they feel that a particular street has got the potential to have a cluster of Covid-19 cases. 

He then hinted that such a step would play an important role in containing the spread of Coronavirus infection like what happened in the May to July months.
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