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For the next 3 days, hotter days and warmer nights to be there in Chennai and TN


Posted on : 22/May/2020 10:24:54

On Tuesday, 19th May 2020, Chennai experienced hottest day with temperature touching 41.3 degrees Celsius. On Wednesday, 20th May 2020, Chennai city experienced warmest night and hottest day with temperature touching 41.8 degrees Celsius. The reason was cyclone Amphan moved fast across Bay of Bengal and changed the wind direction in the east coast.

The weathermen have revealed that hotter days and warmer nights might be there for another three days in TN. On Wednesday evening, cyclone Amphan made a landfall in Bengal and pulled away all the winds. This led to hot land breeze along the coastal TN. Point is the change in the wind direction might last for few more days.

It was later pointed out by Mr. Puviarasan, director, Area Cyclone Warning Centre, IMD, that now west- north westerly winds from lands are got in Chennai and from 23rd May there might be some changes as sea breeze would set in. He explained about how it would take one day for the system to dissipate after it makes landfall and how atleast it would take 2 more days for the winds to change direction.

The condition of the sky is likely to be partly cloudy and in the next 24 hours the maximum and minimum temperatures are likely to be around 41 degrees Celsius and 31 degrees Celsius respectively. In isolated pockets over northern TN, the maximum temperature is likely to be in the range of 40 degrees to 41 degrees Celsius.

It must be noted that n Wednesday the maximum temperature in Nungambakkam was 41.8 degrees Celsius with 73 percent humidity and 42 degrees Celsius in Meenambakkam with 53 percent humidity.

Many places in TN registered temperatures above 40 degrees Celsius and these are Cuddalore 41.4 degrees Celsius, Nagapattinam 40 degrees, Parangipettai 40.5 degrees, Thiruttani 42 degrees.
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