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By implementing 10% EWS reservation, TN might get 375 more medical seats


Posted on : 12/Jul/2019 09:53:41

The latest news is if TN chooses to implement 10 percent EWS or economically weaker section reservation then it might get 375 more medical seats. It must not be forgotten that earlier the government had projected 1000 plus medical seats. As per a fresh estimate of state health department, if the centre offers bonanza to the state of TN even then 650 medical seats only would be got.

On Wednesday in Delhi, officials of DME met MCI authorities is known. The DME officials spoke about how MMC, SMC, KMC, Madurai Medical College and Tirunelveli Medical College would be exempted from the list because these medical colleges already have 250 medical seats. It must be noted that the maximum permitted seats by MCI is 250 for a medical college.

Information is Coimbatore Medical College and Kanyakumari Medical College have applied for additional seats and are ineligible and 3 other medical colleges that have not completed 5 years are also ineligible. It is now revealed that TN might get 225 seats in 9 medical colleges and 150 seats in 4 medical colleges with 150 seats each. If MCI is more generous then medical colleges might get up to 50 seats in each college and it would make the number of seats to 650. This was confirmed by an official.

For the 25 % seat hike, just 13 out of 23 government medical colleges are eligible. Point is the officials do not know about the exact number of medical seats if TN adopts EWS. It was later mentioned by a senior official that the eligibility criteria was provided and calculations were made based on that.

Ahead of the LS elections, prime minster of India, Mr. Narendra Modi, had cleared 10 percent quota in education and government jobs to people belonging to EWS or economically weaker sections, an important demand for forward castes. It is worthy to mention that TN was considering implementing the quota in the medical education because MCI or Medical Council of India offered 25 % increase in the number of medical seats adopting EWS quota. In the month of June, the officials revealed that TN State could expect more than 1000 seats and this was in a meeting chaired by the chief minister of TN.

It was mentioned by the officials that 600 seats of 69 % reservation would be used after giving away 400 for EWS candidates among forward caste. This proposal of the state was opposed by other parties like DMK, MNM and PMK etc because reserved class people would get affected. It must not be forgotten that the health minister, Mr. C. Vijaya Bhaskar also spoke about how TN could expect more than 1000 seats and how this would be equivalent to more than 6 new medical colleges.