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In Chennai city, 15 womens hostels are closed now due to water crisis


Posted on : 18/Jun/2019 10:08:05

The city of Chennai has been unlucky in terms of weather as well as water now. This is one of the worst times for the residents belonging to Chennai as they are badly affected now. It is now brought to light that the water crisis has affected the working women’s hostels too. In Chennai and its suburbs there are  around 2000 hostels for working women and now as many as 15 such hostels are closed in the last 1 month for the lack of water.

As per Shobana Madhavan, founder president of TN Hostel Owners Welfare Association, the private water tankers could not supply water so the hostels could not sustain. She then shed light on how moving from the regular method of paying the water tankers after the delivery of water to the current method of paying in advance have not been successful as the water tankers could not supply enough water. This has led closure of the women’s hostels in Chennai.  

It was pointed out by Shobana that the distribution of bubble top cans have also become an issue now after the private water tankers. She finally hinted that more women’s hostels might be shut down for the lack of water as it would be tough to sustain in the business. It is known that the working women from other states and districts depend on the facilities of the hostels.

One important piece of information collected is lodges located at Chepauk and Triplicane would also be shut down due to water scarcity now. One lodge at Chepauk was already closed in the last month and this was confirmed by Mr. Hasan Ali who is the president of Triplicane Taluk Mansion Owners Association. He then spoke about how the private water tankers are charging very high rates. The shocking information is 12000 litres that used to cost Rs 1200 has increased now to Rs 4000 due to water scarcity issue. He concluded that under those tough situations the lodge owners have no other options other than shutting down the lodges.

In the Chennai city, Chepauk and Triplicane are 2 major localities and they are the hub of lodges as many lodges are present in these places. Locally termed as ‘Mansions’, there are 500 such mansions and in each mansion there are 10 to 50 rooms. The occupancy rates in such lodges are 60 % on average and this has come down now.