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Indefinite strike now postponed by the private water tanker owners in Chennai


Posted on : 25/May/2019 09:58:01

Few days back it was mentioned that there would be an indefinite strike by the private water tankers and it would affect the residents belonging to the city of Chennai. The latest news is the private water tank owners have postponed this indefinite strike from 27th of may 2019 to another date.

It must be noted that the private water tanker owners threatened to go on strike due to the crackdown on tankers tapping ground water in the Chennai city outskirts. The important information collected is on Friday, 24th May, the TN Private Water Tanker Lorrys Owners Association had some discussions with the municipal administration and water supply department and has decided to postpone the strike.

It was later pointed out by Mr. Murugan , secretary of the association that the officials have given assurance about making arrangements for the licenses to be provided to the bore well owners. It is well known that the residents of Chennai city have been suffering from water crisis now. In this scenario, Mr. Murugan spoke about how his team have agreed to operate trips.

He then highlighted about how now just few limited trips are being operated due to limited availability of the source. He expressed his unhappiness regarding the extraction of groundwater and how it has been prevented for them. Mr. Murugan finally threw light on the 40 percent of the trips that are now being operated and how if prevented from sourcing groundwater strike would be the only option.

The information is in the Chennai city there are nearly 4500 private water tankers that fill the gap in the water supply and for the want of sources the number of trips have been reduced by half to 12,000 per day. It is important to note that the tank operators in the Poonamallee belt travel for additional 25 km to source the groundwater.

The decrease in the water supply by the private tankers was because of the reasons like resistance from the people belonging to Keerapakkam in Kancheepuram district against extraction of groundwater. Another important reason cited is the crackdown by tasildars and revenue department officials. For their daily needs, the people in the IT corridor have now become heavily dependent on the private water tankers. The truth is Chennai city is now running out of sources and reducing water supply.

In Navalur in Chennai, Olympia Opaline Flats are located and the members of this flat owners association have represented the Thiruporur tasildar to arrange for the water supply of 560 kl every day or allow water tankers supply. On Saturday, a protest would take place for seeking a solution for the water crisis and this was confirmed by Mr. Sakthi Kumar who is the secretary of the association.