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At Vadapalani metro station, there would be a multi-level car parking


Posted on : 20/May/2019 09:40:11

It is well known that the demand for parking space has been going up. At this point of time the news that has come out is CMRL or Chennai Metro Rail Limited has planned to construct a multi-level car parking at the famous Vadapalani metro station.

Scouting out for space has been going on at the station to set up this multi-level parking facility. This has been according to the officials belonging to CMRL. The official spoke about how there are plans to construct a parking lot with a capacity of 100 vehicles mainly cars. He added that the demand for parking has grown many times now and by this multi-level parking lot many commutes would get benefited.

The official then explained about how currently the metro station at Vadapalani could accommodate just 2 wheelers and how it has to provide parking space for as many as 1800 vehicles every day. Finally the official revealed that the metro station gets maximum revenue of Rs 43,000 from the parking lot.

It is well known that a mall is located near the metro station at Vadapalani and many people park their vehicles and go to the mall. Hence the footfall at the metro station is high. It has been decided to build a multi-level car parking so that many people would get benefited. The important piece of information collected is the parking fees at the metro station are low when compared to the parking fees at the mall nearby. As a result many visitors to the mall park their vehicles at the metro station itself.

In the 45 km network of Phase-1 CMRL has been planning to construct parking lots at few other metro stations also. It was pointed out by the CMRL official that those metro stations were the footfall is prominent and the need for parking is high would be given priority.