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Smart card to be used to pay for Metro parking space in Chennai


Posted on : 18/May/2019 09:50:13

Many commuters who use Metro trains in Chennai, park their vehicles at the metro stations is known. The news now is these commuters in future could swipe their smart cards in order to make payment. Trials regarding this have been carried out and this exercise has been found successful. This was according to the officials belonging to the CMRL or Chennai Metro Rail Limited.

It was pointed out by an official that there some minor issues that would be sorted out and the commuters could start using their smart cards soon. Presently the commuters buy a monthly pass or tokens and instead of tokens the commuters could swipe their smart card for payments. This swiping of smart cards would be time saving and would be of superb advantage for the commuters.

The superb information collected is because of this swiping smart cards procedure, the parking space around the metro stations could be used only by those people who travel by metro trains.

It has been confirmed by the sources that the demand for the parking space has gone up manifold at the metro stations in Chennai. Many people who do not travel by metro trains also use the parking space for their advantage for parking their vehicles. It must be taken into account that across the 45 km network, on an average 8000 vehicles including 2 wheelers get parked at several metro stations every day.

There are metro stations in places like Washermanpet and Mannady and at these places the parking spaces were being used by everyone. The point is regular commuters having monthly passes get affected by this as they do not get parking space to park their vehicles.

As per an official it is very clear that metro train commuters must be given more preference in parking their vehicles at the metro stations. He added that once when the smart card swipe system comes into effect then those with travel cards could only enter and use the parking space.

In the recent times there were some news regarding the parking staffs getting assaulted by the commuters. It is now believed that by this swiping smart card system such unwanted incidents would be brought down.