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How to check the Jio Phone delivery status?


Posted on : 13/Sep/2017 18:35:46

The crores of individuals who had booked for buying the Jio phone have been waiting eagerly when it will be distributed. Many others are interested in knowing more details about the advance registration.

There are 2 methods to know the status of distribution about Jio phones.

The 1st method is to use MyJio app and the 2nd method involves using IVR number.

The 1st Method using MyJio app
  • Open the MyJio App.
  • Click the option Manage Booking.
  • Enter the mobile number registered and the OTP.
  • Click the option My Vouchers.
  • At that time the status display will be empty. However, once the distribution starts, the status will come on the display in this option. It is also said that the instruction as to where to buy/get the Jio Phone will also be given.
The 2nd Method using IVR number

Use the same mobile/telephone number with which the 1st time booking was done for getting Jio phone and contact 18008908900. You will get the information regarding the status of the distribution.

It is gathered that apart from the personnel employed by Reliance Jio, (personnel from) other companies are also to be deployed in the task of the distribution of Jio phones. In order to face the challenge of shortage of Jio phones, it is understood that Jio has planned to distribute 1 Lakh Jio phones every day.

Jio phones are to be imported from Taiwan and then distributed across the various regions of the country. However, information is gathered that the 1st Phase of distribution, it will be done in Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Hyderabad, and Ahmadabad.

The features offered on the Jio phone include 1 MB primary camera, VGA camera on the front side, 512 MB RAM, 4 GB internal memory with the provision to upgrade the memory. It will have 2000 mAh battery and 2.4 inch screen.