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It is Simple to Maintain a clean home even with a busy schedule

Posted on: 19/Aug/2017 10:15:15 AM
Many households are fortunate that they have maids or servants at home to take care of the daily cleaning chores. Some manage with part time maids who spend about an hour or two whenever they happen to come. Not all are that lucky, though. 

In the nuclear families that dot our cities, both the husband and wife end up spending long days in their work places. Maids are not so easily available, so working couples are at times forced to put up with neglected, unclean homes. The case with accommodations where tens of thousands of bachelors and single women reside is even worse. This is an unfortunate, unhealthy situation, but this is how life is.

Sadly, some people get used to the unhygienic mess around them. A number of households depend on companies like Service Square once or twice a year at the most to bring their homes back to their old pristine glory through one time deep cleaning. A few can afford only toilet cleaning services, hence just that small portion of the house is cleaned for them.

The good news is that there is a way to get around the disturbing problem of having to put up with unclean living conditions. The small price to pay is a bit of grit and discipline which most people can muster given the importance of living in hygienic conditions as shown in my previous blog post (hyperlink).

Before going any further, let me say what I am going to suggest is not the ideal solution, but only a compromise between a spotlessly clean home and a messy one. Here is my compromise solution.

With so little time to spare, cleaning the entire home appears like a forbidding task, so settle on the next best thing. Clean your home in small chunks or one portion of the house every day. This way, the extra bit of daily cleaning chores sounds easy to the mind and at the end it feels so very good.

Something similar to the schedule given below will ensure a reasonably well maintained home.

Clean Bedrooms on Mondays. Change linen, put them for wash, sweep and mop floors, dust furniture

Clean toilets on Tuesdays. Clean commode, wash basins, mirrors, counters, change towels and rags and put them to wash.

On Wednesdays, clean your Kitchen. Clean kitchen counters, kitchen sink, refrigerator, sweep and mop the floor, put all light coloured clothes for washing.

Thursday is the day for cleaning your dining room and living room (hall). Sweep (vacuum) and mop the floor, dust cushions, dust and wipe furniture. 

On Fridays you could vacuum and mop all floors, clean mirrors and windows.

Saturday is probably your day off, so use the time to clean outside, take out trash, clean car and garage with water.

On Sundays you might want to put your legs up and relax, patting yourself on the back for the good effort during the week. On one Sunday alone every month find time to clean the dust from fans, lofts and cupboards (inside and outside).

It is always a great idea to wash plates and vessels after every meal. This way, they do not pile up and act as an inviting place for mosquitoes and other insects. Similarly, it is ideal to remove the segregated trash and waste materials every day or at least once in two days.

Instead of putting the burden of cleaning only on one or two generous souls in the house, it would be wonderful if the work is shared among all members of the family. One suggestion could be, each family member cleaning his or her individual living space. This way, the entire home is cleaned and a sense of togetherness is created among the family members. 

In the coming posts, we will discuss regarding the ideal tools required for cleaning different parts of the house. We will also offer tips about the order and sequence of cleaning.

If you are not inclined get your hands dirty, or are so busy that none of the above ideas is likely to work, do give a call to Service Square. We will be happy to do whatever it takes to make your home look good, smell good and feel good. 
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