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Norway Tamil Film Festival - 2011

Posted on: 19/Feb/2011 4:37:47 AM
The 2nd edition of the prestigious Norway Tamil Film Festival (NTFF) will be held at Oslo City, the capital of Norway from April 20-25.

Please remember this is the one and only Tamil film festival happening all over the world.

Also this is the first ever festival of its kind to be held for the Tamil film industry, and we are proud to be pioneering and holding it in Norway. Tamil cinema today is a benchmark for several other film industries in India and this initiative we are sure will ensure the reach of Tamil films across the globe even among non-Tamil speaking people. This festival is an attempt to bring Tamil films in to the limelight. There are already festivals held across the world, such as Cannes, the Dubai Film festival and the South Asian Film festival.  But this is the first one dedicated to Tamil films.  
Tamil films are no longer hidden in the background, and even Hollywood is having to take notice and join in.  Enthiran / Robot is the best example for that. The famous Stan Winston studios roped in for the film and gave International touch for an Indian director`s creativity.  
The idea of this festival was to bring films that are based more on story than commercialism, from Directors who are not afraid to be different.  In 2010, we have screened 13 films, all of this nature. All of these films dared to stand out.  They are carefully chosen films, with a variety of themes, such as culture, patriotism, friendship, romance and family values. They have shown all aspects of our lives, from adult to children, from the rich palaces to the slums.

On the same basis, we selected 15 films for the 2nd edition of NTFF in 22 different category. At the end of the festival, the best film in each category will be selected on the genuine viewers voting system

Following is the list of the films:

2.Angadi Theru
3.Vinnaithaandi Varuvaya
7.Boss Engira Baskaran
9.En Swasame
10.Yudham Sei
13. Thenmerku Paruvakaatru

Special Category:

14. Sengadal