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Bharath University entitled ‘Innovation award’ in an International arena

Posted on: 10/Feb/2011 1:23:16 AM

Congratulating the achievement of Students, Mr. J. Lakshmi Narayanan, Chancellor of Bharath University, said, “Robotics has been an interesting field of research and it needs creative abilities and technical knowledge. We are proud that our students were able to design challenging robots and present it at an International stage and won honors! ”

12 Students of Bharath University, under the guidance of Roboin team bagged their debut award in Singapore for “Best Performance for Innovation Award” @ Spring Innovations held at Nanyang Technological University, Singapore for creating a Humanoid Robot and animal like robot. Apart from Bharat University, there were around 66 other universities who had presented their Robotic creations in the preceding few months.

The Robot designed by the team is a Humanoid Robot, which is 58 cms long and weighs 4.3 kgs. It has 25 degrees of freedom. The Humanoid robot can dance, sing, walk, sit, stand up, pick objects, Do face recognition and path tracking to mention a few. The innovative approach that Bharat University students and Roboin did on the Humanoid robot was the simple manipulation of the Touch sensors on the Leg of the robot, as it wanted the robot to recognize the obstacles on its path and use the camera for face recognition. Successfully, the robot was able to identify people based on the presets given.

“Humanoid Robot” has two cameras which serve as its eyes that can be used for face recognition, path tracking and many other processes. It has three tactile sensors on its head, which can be user defined and customized accordingly. It has motors at its joints, which can enable 360 degree movement. The foot of NAO has tactile sensors at its tips, used for sensing and avoiding obstacles on its path. It can also be programmed to grip and pick up light-weighted objects lying in its path.

The Humanoid robot that was built is capable of involving in many research activities. This robot can identify its master and follow the instruction provided by the master. It can also be used in the home environment for many service needs. The humanoid has three fingers which act as the gripper for it. Bharath University in collaboration with Roboin will further work with this Humanoid robot for advanced Researches.

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