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Cancer kills us. Do we do anything to kill Cancer?

Posted on: 04/Feb/2011 12:33:34 AM
I regret for not having given up smoking Twenty years back- last words of a dying surgeon. We know the pain the cancer brings with .People who lived close to cancer patients would know the sufferings of the patient. It is torturous; more than the cruelest beast can inflict on a person. More painful than the pain because of cancer is the knowledge that we going to die. But still we continue to do the things that are not for the purpose of life. Purpose of life is to live a healthy life; live to the full; experience the joy of life.

More than millions of people annually discover that they have cancer and more than 70% of them die. As per WHO report the cancer is more prevalent among the middleclass and poor strata of people. It is predicted in the latest WHO report that the percentage increase instances of cancer will rise every year. Is cancer curable? Yes and no. Is cancer Preventable? The answer is clear Yes.

Most of the research studies and articles by eminent persons indicate that it is our life style that is one of the causes of cancer. Out of this SMOKING tobacco /cigarette is the single most cause of cancer. Next stage more than 25% of the cancer deaths because of smoking. A person in adolescence starts Smoking to express his style.  In present generation it has got a name Rajini Style . Gradually it becomes a habit and then lead to addiction. It aggravates all other health problems. This apart the smoking is harmful to the environment and the people live by the smoker. Smoking affects Pancreas.  More so if the smoker also drinks alcohol.

Can we prevent Cancer?

Yes through simple life styles. Good eating habits; eating healthy food and good physical activity. Play while you play. Eat while you eat. Give up smoking most importantly. Restrain and control from drinking more; and taking drugs Taking stimulants unnecessarily. Self administering drugs which will cause side effects.
 Avoid eating fatty and oily foods; consume fresh vegetables as much as possible and do exercise for minimum 30 minutes.

Some of the studies undertaken by Rajiv Gandhi Government Hospital jointly with Department of Nutrition, Ethiraj College have indicated that out of 100 patients tested analyzed more than 95 people have the habit of eating Jung foods or preserved leftover food. Unfortunately in most of the cases the cancer is diagnosed at the advance stage from where it is almost Delaying the inevitable stage.

On this day World Cancer Day let us vow to take care of the healthy by practicing health habits. Let us enjoy our life and be useful to people and not become burden to people. Imagine the feeling of the near ones and their traumatic experience of living with a dying person especially when the whole depend on us  for living.