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Posted on: 22/Mar/2010 1:25:54 AM

It is noted by the corporation in their record that close 35% of the funds put at the disposal of the councilors as councilor ward fund remain unused. Corporation in its budget annually allocate certain funds to the c councilors for undertaking developmental works such as civic amenities in their respective wards. Table below shows the funds allotted and spent during last five years.

2005-06   Rs 10.85 Crores        Rs 9.68 Crores
2006-07   Rs 10.85 Crores        Rs 5.31 Crores
2007-08   Rs 10.85 Crores        Rs 7.60 Crores
2008-09   Rs 23.25 Crores        Rs 14.76 Crores
2009-10   Rs 38.75 Crores        Rs 9.74 Crores

Either it is not properly communicated to the councilors or the councilors do not know how to draw it and spend it. As  rule councilors cannot draw the funds directly ;they have  to indent for the projects which the Corporation will directly implement  .The Chennai corporation should do root cause analysis  , find out the gap and address the problem to ensure what is indented for public should reach them.

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