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Posted on: 15/Mar/2010 7:06:55 AM

US consulate has created itself a face book , an innovative initiative to reach out to people  and interact with people .In an event organized  in its city center on Sunday US consulate has already attracted more than 900 fans. Range Gupta   the Acting Public affairs Officer expressed surprised at the interest shown by the people. Ragni Gupta said that would interact with people with the help of technology, take feed backs and know what people expected of the consulate.It’s interesting to note the US who is supposed to be in the fore front in applying technology has taken so much of time as for Indians the US is the most visited of the countries. The consulate has to put its mind and heart to get closer to people who are interested in the US for education or for Jobs. People would always appreciate any initiative   taken to get closer to them.

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