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Posted on: 15/Mar/2010 5:57:35 AM

It is exactly why we say recession is virtual and only in the minds. Young Shivaram a research scholar on Nano Technology, who is working in SRM Nano Technology research center, Chennai has been picked by Seagate Technology on an annual pay of nearly Rs 1.4 Crores.The price is for his innovation that enables a hard drive to hold a large amount of data - 30 terabyte (TB) - as against the current storage capacity of 500 gigabyte. Patent for this in the US Law awaited.  He said that he was talking to the media that his innovative Polymer Templated Lithography process which allowed fabrication of patterned magnetic media with density of around 30 TB. Shivaram is holding patent for this jointly with C Gopalakrishnan who is co research scholar in the SRM Nano Technology research Center. As per his claim the technology for the hard drives for ultra-high data storage is already available and his innovation scores over others in the time taken to fabricate.

Kudos to Shivaram. It goes to prove that we are among the best brains in the world. This would be a great inspiration to young engineers who worry about ill informed recession. The world is waiting for Innovators and those who create opportunities and not the people who Waite for opportunities.

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