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Sustained Electricity Tamil Nadu Government Order

Posted on: 15/Apr/2014 2:47:50 PM

As here is just a week before the scheduled parliamentary election, Tamil Nadu government has issued orders that sustained power supply should be made available to all residents.

TANGEDCO authorities have decided to buy power from private companies at a higher cost. This will entail loss of several crore Rupees to the state government.

There is an approval to buy 1154 MW of power from private companies. 700 to 750 MW of power is bought daily from the 4 companies, GMR, Madurai Power, Chambalpatti, and Pillai Perumal  a an average rate of Rs.10.91 per unit. This entails a daily expenditure of Rs. 19 Crores.

For the last few days, 1000 MW of power is being bought on a daily basis.

The Thermal power stations will have to start generation at he earliest to meet the demand and reduce the expenditure of buying power from private companies at loss-incurring high rates.
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