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2 hours power cut in Chennai post-elections

Posted on: 12/Apr/2014 11:33:38 AM
It is surprisingly looked upon at the uninterrupted power supply in Chennai while others face irksome power cuts at unexpected timings. But Chennaites ought to get ready for facing such pampering power cuts post-elections. Official sources say the two hour power cut will soon be implemented after general elections get over. As of  now, a power shortage of over 1500 MW to 2500 MW prevails and the two thermal power plants at Mettur are under maintenance. They also added that sudden power cuts in the midnights were because of breakdowns that occurred in between.

Speaking to a TNEB official, he stated there is no official confirmation about load shedding in Chennai. All the thermal power plants are working at the maximum, but only the Mettur plants are getting delayed, he added. The North Chennai plant will be operational soon by Saturday evening. These plants hold capacity of 600 MW. 
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