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Posted on: 15/Feb/2010 9:29:24 AM

Abdul Kalam while addressing a gathering in the 40th year celebrations of Balavidyalaya School for Deaf and Dump informed that The National Naval Science and technology laboratory, Vishakhapatnam is in the final stages of developing Cochlear plant.  He said that Chip fabrication is getting completed and the hearing Aid would be ready around April. He advised the instructions and the parents such disabled children to keep themselves informed of the latest developments in technology to help the children. The imported Cochlear implant is now almost out of reach of the common people and hopefully this indigenous production would be affordable. 

Balavidyalaya incidentally released the Dhwani kit which contains instructions to parents on how to teach their child. There are different books for different age groups and are available in English and as well as in Tamil .

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