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Posted on: 15/Feb/2010 9:07:01 AM

A study undertaken by Sri Ramchandra Medical University has thrown up very interesting points to ponder.  The study was funded by the Government of India. The study undertaken in phases is yet to be published.  6000 residents of Chennai I were studied. Only 240 people were found to be free of disorders, otherwise can termed as normally healthy. About 43 % were found to have abnormal Glucose metabolism, out of that 17.3 were Diabetic. The study is still on in and around Chennai with samples studies. More than 30% of people are found to have blood pressure and about 13.1% were found to have albumin in their urine and about 30 % of people   were found to have either anxiety or stressed..The study clearly indicates the change in lifestyles of people and reflects that we get more and more imbibed with undesirable habits.