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High power consumption in Tamil Nadu

Posted on: 26/Mar/2014 12:05:34 PM
With summer heat soaring high the total power consumption on Monday was 271.043 million units .With the onset of summer, domestic demand has shot up. Industries and commercial consumers also contributed to the rise by drawing more power. After several days of outages, power managers said they were able to supply to all consumers. An increase in supply allowed industries and commercial establishments to use more power on Monday.
With a rise in power generation from three new thermal units at North Chennai and Vallur, power supply rose by 2,200MW. Due to this, some industries and establishments, which were dependent on inverters or generators, used power from the grid. Thats why consumption shot up, said a Tangedco official.
Since Monday, there was no power cut  across the state. A rise in temperature has led to an increase in power consumption as many residents have started using air conditioners. A domestic AC draws 3,000 MW of power. We maintained generation at 12,200MW and were able to meet the demand throughout the day, the official said.
With summer upon the state, power consumption is likely to go up. On Sunday, the consumption was 267.98 million units, it rose to 271 million units on Monday. The previous high in consumption was on October 1 last year at 267.98 million units. 

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