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What is making the passengers feel disappointed and angry at the Central metro station now?

Posted on: 15/Apr/2024 9:26:39 AM

Are all passengers finding it comfortable at the metro stations in Chennai now? The answer is No!!  

These days, many residents in Chennai use the metro trains as they find it convenient, time saving and affordable. The commuters at the Central metro station especially are unhappy and angry. The reason for that was due to the non-functioning of the escalator there. 

It must be noted that the metro train officials have been trying to make the journey of all passengers hassle free. In this situation, the repeated concerns of non-functional escalators have angered many passengers.

It was later bought out by a frequent metro train commuter at Central metro station that a few days back an elderly person waited for a long time near the non-functioning escalator and then took the stairs. The commuter added that as the Central metro station was one of the busiest metro stations with highest footfalls the escalator service must work well. 

The senior citizens at Central metro station have been finding it very difficult now. Many of them rest on the stairs and then only move up. This was revealed by another frequent commuter at the Central metro station.

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