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Rs 6,000 Credited to Non-Ration Card Holders in Michaung Storm Aid

Posted on: 01/Mar/2024 5:22:49 PM
Money has been credited to individuals who, despite not possessing a ration card, applied to receive the Rs 6,000 assistance announced by the Tamil Nadu government as part of the Michaung storm relief.

The government declared that Rs 6,000 would be provided as flood relief to families in the affected areas of Chennai, Thiruvallur, Chengalpattu, and Kanchipuram, the four districts impacted by the Mikjam storm in December of the previous year. In the initial phase, funds were distributed directly to ration card holders.

Simultaneously, it was announced that Rs 6,000 would be extended to those without a ration card. Consequently, 5.5 lakh applications were received through ration shops starting from December 17th in the four districts mentioned.

In Chennai alone, a staggering 4.90 lakh individuals without ration cards applied for relief. Additionally, 29 thousand applications were received in Kanchipuram district, 22 thousand in Thiruvallur district, and 14 thousand in Chengalpattu district. While the government has asserted that the documents of all 5.5 lakh applicants are under review, the money has been discreetly credited to the bank accounts of the applicants as of today.

A sum of Rs 6,000 has been credited to the bank accounts of the beneficiaries without any prior notice. The government, however, has not disclosed specific details, including the total number of individuals who have been credited.

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