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Deadline Extended to November 15 for Womens Hostel Registration in Chennai

Posted on: 02/Nov/2023 10:08:16 AM
The District Collector, Rashmi Siddharth Jagade, has granted an extension for the registration of private women`s hostels and homes in Chennai. In an official announcement, the District Collector stressed the importance of complying with the Tamil Nadu Women`s and Children`s Hostels Regulation Act.

All private women`s hostels and homes operating within the Chennai district must undergo registration under the Act. Those yet to register can do so through the website https://tnswp.com. The deadline for this registration, along with the submission of necessary documents, has been extended until 5 pm on November 15.

Required documents include the trust registration deed, details regarding the property (whether owned or rented), building maps, building confirmation certificates, fire department clearance certificates, and health certificates.

Failure to register private hostels and homes may result in legal action by the police department. Administrators who do not comply with the registration requirements could face up to 2 years of imprisonment and a fine of Rs. 50,000. The extended deadline aims to ensure the proper registration of all women`s hostels and homes in the district.

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