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Soon, an easier comfortable ride possible for the commuters in the MTC buses in Chennai!!

Posted on: 26/Oct/2023 9:32:47 AM
With the MTC or Metropolitan Transport Corporation all set to procure 352 low floor differently able friendly buses soon, the commuters especially those differently able and elder persons could feel happy about their easier comfortable rides in the future.

It must be noted that 552 low floor differently able person friendly buses under the funding from German Development Bank KfW funding. Not only MTC would procure the buses but also TNSTC Coimbatore ad TNSTC Madurai would also procure 100 low floor buses each.

The procurement process of fully built 52 low floor buses is now in the final stages and this was mentioned by a senior official from the transport dept. It must be recalled that High Court in Madras issued an order for MTC to procure low floor buses for the differently able passengers. Truth is that based on this order it was decided to increase the number of low floor buses by 25% to 552 by making use of the tender conditions Floating fresh tender separately could be avoided.

Limiting the standard floor buses to 950 buses out of a total of 1107 buses was ordered by the High Court to the transport dept. The court also asked the transport dept to procure 157 lo floor buses through a separate tender. Currently, the number of standard floor buses to be procured stands at 1614. This would include 245 buses for MTC. Information is that TNSTC Villupuram would get as many as 347 buses. The corporations of Salem and Kumbakonam would get 303 buses each.