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Get ready for a super thrilling ride - After 3 year long hiatus, lion safari to resume at Vandalur Zoo in Chennai

Posted on: 30/Sep/2023 9:11:58 AM
Imagine travelling through the pride of lions and seeing them very closely!! Scary or spine chilling experience it will be right!!

Yes, this could be the feeling for many visitors soon at this very popular Vandalur Zoo in Chennai.

The sensational piece of information is that the once most sought out after trip by the visitors, the `Lion Safari` that was stopped just 3 years back due to Coronavirus pandemic infection would resume now at this zoo in the a/c buses. It is now revealed that when the Wildlife Week celebrations begin, the managers of Vandalur zoo would be resuming the Lion safari trip on Monday.

It was mentioned by a senior officer here that Pothys Group of Textiles with its CSR funds or corporate social responsibility funds have donated an air-conditioned van that can accommodate 28 persons at a time. Soon, 2 more similar vehicles might be added as Sun TV Network has also agreed to donate its CSR funds for purchasing a/c vans.

It was later explained by a wildlife officer at the Vandalur Zoo that the authorities now want to increase the revenue of the zoo. He added that with continuous holidays in the coming weeks the revenue would double in the next 6 months.

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